Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the bookish universe. 

Blogger | Reader
Hey there, I’m Krystyna.
I’m a mood-reading librarian who is obsessed with the ocean and loves all things bookish.

I read stories, connect with readers, and share my love of books.

As a book blogger, I like to share my bookish thoughts and opinions, in the form of ramblings and reviews. The blog consists mostly of bookish content, but I also like to share little snippets of my life and things that I love along the way.

In addition to blogging, I love sharing my reading adventures on my bookstagram. Instagram has became one of my favorite social media platforms, and I love posting my bookish content while connecting with other creators. It’s such a creative, expressive outlet that I enjoy to my bookish delight. I enjoy discovering new-to-me bookstagrammers and connecting with even more readers.

The bookish community is amazing. I’m so glad I discovered it and that I’m a part of it. Through social media, there are so many ways to connect with other people all over the world. Another platform that I love using is Twitter. I love that you can follow your favorite content creators, authors, publishers, etc. I have gained so many amazing friendships through the bookish community and it’s all thanks to social media.